Day: July 2, 2020

How Does it Compare to the Competition?

  • The Ford F-150 is all new for the 2021 model year, with a new hybrid powertrain option and more standard features.
  • One of these features is the latest Sync 4 infotainment system, which Ford says has twice the computing power of the previous Sync 3.
  • Ford also announced at the launch on June 25 that the new truck will have SiriusXM satellite radio with 360L, which adds more choices by combining on-demand and live-streaming content.

    When you look at a new truck, and in this case it’s the just-revealed 2021 Ford F-150, you want to know how capable it is—and one big part of a modern truck’s value to the customer is found in that infotainment screen right up front. The truck wars are in full swing, so we wondered, how much of an upgrade is the new F-150’s infotainment system compared with the 2020 model, and how well does

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