Day: May 2, 2021

Polestar Project 0 Aims to Build a Carbon-Neutral Car by 2030

  • Polestar today released plans to make a “cradle to gate” climate-neutral car by 2030 by addressing manufacturing and supplier emissions, under the name Project 0.
  • The announcement was made alongside the release of Polestar’s first sustainability report, which states that the company itself, a Volvo affiliate, plans to be entirely carbon neutral by 2040.
  • It is unclear if Polestar will make one of its current vehicles or one of those it has planned, carbon neutral by 2030, or have a new vehicle fulfill that goal.

    Polestar announced today it is aiming to build a carbon-neutral car by 2030 and as a company, is planning on going carbon neutral by 2040; the automaker plans to do so through decreasing emissions throughout the entire manufacturing process rather than just offseting them. The announcement comes as part of Polestar’s first sustainability report, which gives numbers on the automaker’s emissions and those

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