$265k Bowlus Terra Firma Trailer Is a Pet-Friendly Luxury Hotel on Wheels

Almost nine decades ago, Hawley Bowlus was an accomplished designer, aerospace engineer, and the builder of the legendary Spirit of St. Louis aircraft. Additionally, he was the creator of the original Bowlus Road Chief luxury trailer – an aerodynamically-shaped camper with a polished aluminum body.
Today, modern Road Chiefs are being equally lightweight but also a bit larger than an original Bowlus; the tradition is kept, but also adapted to contemporary standards. And the shiny premium metal houses on wheels have just welcomed a new member into the family – the Bowlus Terra Firma.

It’s a play upon known words, as the company took its Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition and instilled even more features so the owner can “seek the simplicity and solitude of off-grid and enjoy the thrill of exploration.” Better yet, the pets can also be taken along and will be treated just as well as their owners.

The new Bowlus Terra Firma comes in at a length of 26 feet (almost eight meters), a gross vehicle weight of 4,000 lbs, (1,814 kg), and for a starting price of $265k will grant enough space for sleeping and dining to four adults (number of pets is unknown, though).

Speaking of pets, they get treated like royalty, with the Pet-Flex setup including “remote temperature monitoring, bowls that slide out seamlessly from a drawer, and a personalized bed, so every family member is comfortably included.”

As far as the humans are concerned, they’re not far away either, with Bowlus equipping the Terra Firma with a luxurious “hotel-style en suite bathroom,” a sophisticated power management system (which includes the “industry’s largest Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries”), an integrated smart Bluetooth brake controller, and more.

Better yet, Bowlus is taking care of safety in every possible way, integrating for the first time a GPS tracking system alongside the Fresh Water Filtration System with two-stage filtration or the HEPA filter with UVC. All to create a “totally immersive and elemental experience,” of course.