GM Adds OnStar Smartphone App to Take Its Services Mobile

  • General Motors has expanded its OnStar services to a smartphone app it’s calling OnStar Guardian for both iOS and Android phones.
  • The app allows users who already have OnStar to take the service with them and get roadside assistance, emergency services, and mobile crash response through the smartphone even when they’re not in an OnStar-equipped vehicle.
  • It’s free for now, although six months from now GM will start charging extra, but users can share the app with up to seven family members or friends.

    General Motors’ OnStar, a subscription-based service that allows drivers to contact emergency services and run navigation, has expanded its availability to a smartphone app called OnStar Guardian. The app allows users to take OnStar services with them, whether they are in an OnStar-equipped vehicle or not.

    The app allows users to request services including roadside assistance and emergency services, as well as mobile crash response, which taps into the sensors on a smartphone to help detect a crash and then contact OnStar, which will then contact emergency responders. Additionally, the app allows users to locate one another through their location status.

    Only people who already have an active OnStar service plan on a GM vehicle are eligible to add the app. They can share it, however, with up to seven friends or family members. It is free of charge for six months, and after that period, the OnStar Guardian app and its functions can be had with the Safety and Security OnStar plan, which costs $25 a month.

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