2021 Ford Explorer SUV Lineup Adds New High-End Models

  • Ford’s mid-size Explorer SUV is now available in three additional trims, including a sporty Enthusiast ST model.
  • The Explorer Platinum gains a cheaper rear-wheel-drive variant and can now also be had with a hybrid powertrain (2021 Platinum Hybrid is pictured above).
  • These new trims join the Explorer lineup for 2021 and will be available this summer.

    Family SUVs with performance aspirations are far from the norm, but the Ford Explorer ST moved to fill that niche when it was introduced for the 2020 model year. Now, Ford is doubling down on the ST model by introducing a Enthusiast ST trim that’s $4080 cheaper. It inherits the ST’s mechanical components—including the twin-turbocharged V-6 that makes 400 horsepower, teamed with a 10-speed automatic transmission—but drops some luxury and convenience features.

    2021 ford explorer enthusiast st
    2021 Ford Explorer Enthusiast ST.


    The Enthusiast ST still comes with plenty of goodies—and at $49,995, it ought to—including 20-inch wheels,

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    2021 Jeep Gladiator Pickup Truck Adds Texas-Only Texas Trail Trim

    • The 2021 Jeep Gladiator lineup has added a new trim level called the Texas Trail that’s only sold in Texas.
    • Along with unique exterior decals and special interior accents, the Texas Trail features gloss-black 17-inch wheels and 32-inch mud-terrain tires.
    • The Gladiator Texas Trail is currently on sale at Texas Jeep dealerships.

      Texas now has its own version of the 2021 Jeep Gladiator pickup truck: the new Texas Trail model, which will be exclusively sold in the Lone Star State with a starting price of $41,930.

      For anyone wondering why the Gladiator lineup doesn’t offer a Delaware or Idaho special edition, Jeep says the Texas Trail model was created to celebrate the largest truck market in America, and that happens to be in the country’s second-largest state.

      Based on the Sport S trim, the Texas Trail is equipped with gloss-black 17-inch rims shod with 32-inch mud-terrain tires and the Trailer

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      2022 Nissan Pathfinder Adds New Features and Ditches the CVT

      • The new 2022 Nissan Pathfinder is redesigned with a new look inside and out.
      • It has the same 3.5-liter V-6 as before but a new nine-speed automatic transmission.
      • The 2022 Pathfinder will go on sale this summer, likely starting around $33,000.

        Although nostalgia for old-school, body-on-frame SUVs is running high these days, Nissan’s new 2022 Pathfinder is staying in the family-crossover milieu. Like its predecessor, this new version of the three-row SUV prioritizes cupholders over suspension travel, although it does looks a bit more rugged—and far more modern—than before. And if you’re keen on nostalgia, know that Nissan has incorporated at least one subtle design cue from the original: the three slats at the top of the grille that hark back to the first-generation, truck-based Pathfinder.

        The 2022 Pathfinder’s wheelbase is the same as the old model’s, and the new model is 1.5 inches longer, 0.6 inch wider, and 0.5

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        2021 Toyota Corolla Adds Limited Apex Edition Sport Package

        • The 2021 Toyota Corolla will come with an optional Apex edition, a sport package that includes a tuned chassis and suspension as well as optional summer tires.
        • The Apex edition is available with the SE and XSE Corolla sedans. Of the 6000 made, 120 will come with a manual transmission.
        • The Apex edition Corolla will go on sale this fall.

          While Toyota decided to not extend the TRD treatment to the 2021 Corolla—unlike its counterparts, the Camry and Avalon—the sedan is getting the next best thing, an Apex edition. This limited-edition sport package can be had on the SE and XSE Corolla sedans, giving them a tuned suspension, chassis, and available summer tires.

          Corollas equipped with the Apex edition come standard with the 169-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder which comes as optional on the Corolla but will be paired to a sport-tuned exhaust. Most of the Apex edition Corollas will come with

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          GM Adds OnStar Smartphone App to Take Its Services Mobile

          • General Motors has expanded its OnStar services to a smartphone app it’s calling OnStar Guardian for both iOS and Android phones.
          • The app allows users who already have OnStar to take the service with them and get roadside assistance, emergency services, and mobile crash response through the smartphone even when they’re not in an OnStar-equipped vehicle.
          • It’s free for now, although six months from now GM will start charging extra, but users can share the app with up to seven family members or friends.

            General Motors’ OnStar, a subscription-based service that allows drivers to contact emergency services and run navigation, has expanded its availability to a smartphone app called OnStar Guardian. The app allows users to take OnStar services with them, whether they are in an OnStar-equipped vehicle or not.

            The app allows users to request services including roadside assistance and emergency services, as well as mobile crash response,

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