Android Auto Patch for Samsung Galaxy S21 Currently in the Works

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is currently the best phone you can get from the South Korean company, and since it’s powered by Android 11, it obviously offers Android Auto support too, both wired and wireless.

But as some of the first people who purchased the Galaxy S21 figured out the hard way, the experience with Android Auto on this new Samsung smartphone isn’t as refined as you’d expect it to be.

And it’s all because Android Auto just doesn’t fire up when connecting a Galaxy S21 to the head unit in the car, thus making it impossible to use the app even when a genuine cable is being used.

As we told you not a long time ago, Google was already investigating the problem, but now the search giant is back to confirm the Android Auto team is working on the whole thing, yet it needs more information on the

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This Baffling Android Auto Problem Is Super Confusing Even for Google Itself

In theory, when you disconnect your Android phone from a head unit and Android Auto closes, all the apps that you ran while driving, such as Google Maps and music players, are automatically suspended. This means they shouldn’t be reactivated until you reconnect the device.
But in practice, some people found out the hard way the music player they used on Android Auto starts blasting songs all of a sudden even though the smartphone is no longer connected to a head unit.

In other words, Android Auto somehow instructs the app to start playing music, even without an active connection to a car.

It goes without saying that this has caused some rather awkward moments, with some people claiming the whole thing happened in the middle of the night, but the good news is Google is already working on resolving the whole thing as we speak.

The bad news

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