530-HP 2022 BMW i4 Revealed, Offers 300-Mile Range

  • 2022 BMW i4 EV will have a 300-mile range and up to 530 horsepower.
  • The vehicle, along with the electric 2022 iX SUV, will be out early next year, BMW says.
  • Both vehicles are part of the BMW Group’s plan to have 50 percent of its global sales be electric by 2025.

    During its annual BMW Group conference, the German automaker unveiled the production version of the 2022 i4 electric sedan. While much of the market is focusing on electric SUVs, it’s refreshing that BMW is bringing essentially an electric 4-series to the EV world. Still, for those hoping to sit higher and have a bit more cargo room, BMW has you covered with the upcoming 2022 iX electric SUV. Both vehicles are expected to be available sometime early next year, part of the automaker’s plan to have 50 percent of its annual global sales be from fully electric models

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    BMW Won’t Stop Developing Internal-Combustion Engines

    Audi CEO Marcus Duesman told Automobilwoche that Audi will no longer substantially develop internal-combustion engines. It will continue to update its current lineup of engines, allowing them to meet tightening emissions rules, but the company has no plans to develop new internal-combustion engines. This follows similar announcements from other companies promising an all-electric future. One name not on that list: BMW.

    According to CNBC’s Phil LeBeau, BMW isn’t calling quits on internal combustion any time soon. His tweet cited BMW CEO Oliver Zipse, who says that BMW predicts robust demand for internal-combustion cars for years to come.

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    That doesn’t mean BMW isn’t also pursuing electrification. Just this week the company released its 530-hp i4 electric sedan. But

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    BMW i4, Pagani Huayra R, and Several Shelbys

    Due to the continuing effects of the coronavirus, travel on American roads was down 11.3 percent (or 28.2 billion miles) this January compared to January 2020. Overall last year, road travel fell 13.2 percent and Americans spent 42 percent less on travel than in 2019. Ready or not, some metrics now suggest a return to pre-pandemic travel habits: the TSA screened more airline passengers last Friday than on any day since March 15, 2020.

    This Week in Sheetmetal

    pagani huayra r


    Pagani showed the $3.1 million Huayra R, an 838-hp track-only monster with a V-12 engine that can reach a screaming 9000 rpm. It represents the end of the Huayra line. You’ll probably never even see one in real life, but isn’t it nice to know it exists?

    You’re more likely to see a Hyundai Staria in real life, but only when you’re on vacation. Hyundai’s cute new van can be configured

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    BMW 4 Series Coupe 2021 long-term review

    Why we’re running it: To see if a coupé still has a place on today’s SUV-filled roads 

    Month 1 – Specs

    Life with a BMW 4 Series: Month 1

    Welcoming the 4 Series to the fleet – 6 January 2020

    It’s probably best to get the grille discussion out of the way now. Yes, this BMW 420d is blessed with the controversial nose… Hmm, maybe ‘blessed’ isn’t quite the right word. Cursed? Damned? Either way, it features the grille and there’s very little getting away from it.

    But we’ll get into that a bit more in a subsequent update. The road test verdict that you’ll have already read was less than enthusiastic – personally, I’m genuinely intrigued to see whether it grows on me.

    What is less controversial than the grille is the styling around the rest of the car: classic coupé lines and all the better for it.

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    2021 BMW M3 Detailed in Video Showing Prototype Testing

    • BMW has released a video detailing the next-generation M3 sports sedan.
    • The G80-generation M3 will come with either rear- or all-wheel drive and is expected to offer over 500 horsepower.
    • Expect the 2021 BMW M3 to make its debut later this year.

      We’ve been waiting for the new 2021 BMW M3 ever since the latest 3-series made its debut, and a new video from BMW M confirms that it’s almost here. This marketing video shows a prototype of the new G80-generation M3 undergoing testing on the road and at the Nürburgring, and it confirms a few interesting details about the car, including that it will offer either rear- or all-wheel-drive configurations.

      While it’s still in camouflage, the 2021 M3 clearly has a wider body than the standard 3-series, with flared fenders, extra air intakes at the front, and an aggressive-looking rear valence with four exhaust tips. Larger wheels and

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