Polestar Project 0 Aims to Build a Carbon-Neutral Car by 2030

  • Polestar today released plans to make a “cradle to gate” climate-neutral car by 2030 by addressing manufacturing and supplier emissions, under the name Project 0.
  • The announcement was made alongside the release of Polestar’s first sustainability report, which states that the company itself, a Volvo affiliate, plans to be entirely carbon neutral by 2040.
  • It is unclear if Polestar will make one of its current vehicles or one of those it has planned, carbon neutral by 2030, or have a new vehicle fulfill that goal.

    Polestar announced today it is aiming to build a carbon-neutral car by 2030 and as a company, is planning on going carbon neutral by 2040; the automaker plans to do so through decreasing emissions throughout the entire manufacturing process rather than just offseting them. The announcement comes as part of Polestar’s first sustainability report, which gives numbers on the automaker’s emissions and those

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    100 Ford Dealers Will Build Separate Bronco Showrooms

    • Automotive News is reporting that a new voluntary program will encourage Ford dealers to create stand-alone Bronco stores that have room for at least three vehicles inside, a display wall for accessories, and a fire pit.
    • By building out Bronco stores, dealers will get more vehicles to sell from Ford and greater access to Bronco accessories, which drive up profits.
    • With Bronco sales about to start, we can look to the 23,356 Bronco Sport SUVs sold in the first quarter—and the fact that Ford said 60 percent of these were conquests from non-Ford brands—to see that this is likely a way to print money.

      We don’t need to tell you that Ford’s new Jeep fighter, the revived Bronco, has garnered a fair bit of attention. There’s the official, company-sponsored “fan” website, Bronco Nation, as well as many actual fan-run pages. The First Edition model with a VIN ending in 001

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      Apple is reportedly nearing a deal to build its autonomous electric car with Hyundai

      Tim Cook wearing a suit and tie: Apple is nearing a manufacturing deal with Hyundai Motor Group, CNBC reported. Karl Mondon/Digital First Media/The Mercury News via Getty Images

      © Karl Mondon/Digital First Media/The Mercury News via Getty Images
      Apple is nearing a manufacturing deal with Hyundai Motor Group, CNBC reported. Karl Mondon/Digital First Media/The Mercury News via Getty Images

      • Apple and Hyundai are nearing a deal to build an electric car together, CNBC reported Wednesday. 
      • The Apple-branded car would be built at Kia’s plant in Georgia, the outlet reported. 
      • Sources told CNBC that the deal wasn’t done and Apple may partner with another automaker.
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      Apple is nearing a deal with Hyundai Motor Group to build a self-driving electric vehicle of its own, CNBC’s Phil LeBeau and Meghan Reeder reported Wednesday, citing multiple sources familiar with the project.


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      If finalized, the EV would be Apple-branded and built at Kia’s assembly plant in West Point, Georgia, CNBC reported. 

      Sources told the outlet the deal wasn’t done yet

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      Hyundai Will Build the Fully Autonomous Apple Car at the U.S. Kia Facility

      Month-long reports of a possible deal between Apple and Hyundai, which would bring forth the Apple Car, also known as Project Titan, are kicking into high gear again. Despite denials from Hyundai, the carmaker and the tech giant really are in negotiations over a possible deal.

      In fact, CNBC reports, the negotiations are in the final stretches, which would mean the deal is about to be finalized. It would see Apple building its car at the Kia facility in West point, Georgia, no later than 2024.

      Word of the Apple Car, or Project Titan, has been around for years, but Apple has said nothing on the record about it yet, in typical fashion. It is believed Hyundai was “forced” to walk back on a previous statement about the deal being negotiated because Apple is so keen on secrecy around all its projects.

      Still, like in every other industry, word

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      Polestar Will Build Some Sort of Ride-Hailing Robotaxi with Waymo

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      • Details are noticeably sparse, but the initial announcement says Polestar, the Volvo premium electric brand, will come out with a new EV platform just for ride-hailing vehicles.
      • The automated driving technology is called Waymo Driver, and Waymo has been testing it in vehicles from a number of automakers, including Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, and Renault.
      • You’ll be shocked to hear this, but Volvo thinks that self-driving vehicles will be safer than today’s human-piloted models.

        Add Polestar to the list of companies that think Waymo has what it takes to bring us to an autonomous-vehicle future. Exactly what that future will look like is a bit vague right now, but we know that Polestar is joining a strategic group partnership

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