DS 4 Compact Hatchback Is for Europe, China, Not U.S.

  • DS, a premium brand from PSA that is now part of Stellantis along with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ brands, has just launched an attractive new compact hatchback called the DS 4.
  • The car will be out later in 2021 in Europe and China, but we’d love to see it here.
  • DS will be developing premium models jointly with Alfa Romeo and Lancia, with the first models coming by 2024, Automotive News reported this week. And maybe we’ll have more luck getting those.

    Everywhere outside of France, driving a French car is a clear sign of individualism, an appreciation of the unusual and of elevated aesthetics. And since DS has been spun off Citroën as a premium brand, in much the way Genesis was derived from Hyundai or Polestar from Volvo, the brand has offered a plethora of interesting, challenging, and beautiful cars. The latest is the DS 4, unveiled this week

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