Lexus LS with Level 2 Autonomy Launched in Japan, Coming to U.S.

  • In Japan, Toyota unveiled new versions of the Lexus LS and Toyota Mirai equipped with Advanced Drive, the company’s advanced driver-assist system.
  • Toyota says the 2022 Lexus LS 500h AWD will use the system, arriving in the fall.
  • Advanced Drive features a Level 2 autonomous system.

    With the global auto industry’s push toward vehicles becoming cleaner and safer, Toyota Motor unveiled in Japan new versions of the Lexus LS and Toyota Mirai, both equipped with advanced driver assistance. Toyota officials in the U.S. told Autoweek that the 2022 LS 500h AWD with Advanced Drive, as the system is called, is expected to arrive at dealerships here this fall.

    Advanced Drive features a Level 2 autonomous system, so it helps keep the car in its lane, maintains the distance from other vehicles, and assists with lane changes. In Level 2, the driver is still required to monitor the road, hold

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    Watch ‘Lexus NX 4.6’ Scare Drivers to Focus on Distracted Driving

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    • Lexus modified an NX SUV so that the windshield could suddenly blank out without any warning to the driver, making it impossible to see.
    • The company didn’t do this just to torture people who thought they were going to be simply test driving a new car; it did it to point out how dangerous it is to check your phone messages while driving.
    • People think it only takes a second or two, but the average is closer to five seconds. And more than 3000 people died in crashes that involved distracted drivers in 2019, so it’s not a harmless issue.

      Too many of us check our phones while we’re driving. Full stop. But simply knowing that we do

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      2022 Lexus IS500 Launch Edition Offers a New Color Combo

      • Lexus is offering a Launch Edition version of the new IS500.
      • It has a special exterior color and suede interior trim, along with a serialized plaque inside.
      • The IS500 will go on sale in the U.S. this fall, and 500 units of the Launch Edition will be available.

        The new V-8–powered 2022 Lexus IS500 will offer a special Launch Edition model with a unique color combo, different wheels, and a few interior tweaks. 500 units of the IS500 F Sport Performance Launch Edition will be produced for North America, and it’ll likely cost a bit more than the standard model, though pricing isn’t yet available.

        The Launch Edition’s exterior color is called Incognito, and it’s a light grey hue that’s new to Lexus. Inside, the Launch Edition gets a serialized plaque along with grey and black suede upholstery, wood trim for the steering wheel, and a different startup animation for

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        Lexus IS500, Wrangler 392, the New Post Mobile

        On Wednesday, President Biden signed an executive order mandating a 100-day review period of the supply chain for certain goods, including batteries for electric vehicles, rare earth minerals, and the semiconductors that have been causing production delays at automotive plants around the world. Pharmaceuticals are also on the list. The review won’t increase supply of those products on its own, but Biden hopes it will result in policy recommendations aimed at boosting domestic production.

        This Week in Sheetmetal

        Mercedes showed the next generation of the C-class, due at dealers early next year. The cars will be longer and wider than the outgoing models with more space in the back seat and a huge new touchscreen. The design is reminiscent of the smaller A-class, and the four-cylinder engine makes 255 horsepower with help from a 48-volt starter/generator system.

        2021 jeep wrangler rubicon 392


        Jeep says it will launch a 470-hp Wrangler variant called the 392

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        Toyota, Lexus Upgrade Tools So You Can Buy New Cars 100% Online

        • Toyota’s SmartPath is meant to let shoppers buy online and have their vehicle delivered from their local dealership without ever needing to go there in person. Or, they can start shopping online, then go in and haggle.
        • Only around 50 Toyota dealers use SmartPath today, but that number will double this spring.
        • Lexus is involved in this, too, with a similar program called Monogram. Only a few dealers use Monogram, but Lexus will “aggressively accelerate availability through 2021.”

          Toyota customers like smart things. Lexus drivers prefer to have their things monogrammed. That’s one way to look at an upgraded online car-shopping service the two brands are offering to U.S. Lexus and Toyota shoppers. The online tool is functionally similar no matter if you’re looking for a new IS or a fresh Prius, but Lexus calls its service Monogram while Toyota’s is called SmartPath.

          The idea behind the year-and-a-half-old

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