Jeep Recalls 43,000 Wranglers, Gladiators with Manual Transmissions

2020 jeep gladiator

Michael SimariCar and Driver

  • Jeep has issued a recall for 42,887 of its vehicles, including the 2018 to 2021 Wrangler and 2020–2021 Gladiator with manual transmissions.
  • The clutch pressure plate in these vehicles can overheat and fracture, leading to an increased risk of fire.
  • Jeep said that the recall will be remedied through a software update.

    Jeep has issued a recall for 42,887 2018–2021 Wrangler and 2020–2021 Gladiator vehicles with manual transmissions over a pressure clutch plate problem. The clutch pressure plate, which transfers power to the clutch, can overheat as a result of friction and then fracture, ultimately leading to the possibility of the transmission case cracking and expelling heated debris. This could cause fire.

    Jeep said in a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that this isn’t the result of a faulty part. Rather, it’s a design issue and will be remedied with updated

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