Zac Efron Is Living Out of a Lotus Hollywood Caravan, and It’s a Beast

Efron left hometown Los Angeles a while back and he’s now living in Australia. There are reports that he’s planning to make the switch a permanent one, and this seems to be the case based on his ongoing projects – the movie Gold and the series Killing Zac Efron. He may also have moved permanently into a trailer.

But it’s a beast of a trailer, and the most luxurious offering from the entire lineup from Lotus Caravans. The actor posted shots of himself outside the luxury trailer, with captions indicating he was calling it his “home sweet home” while on location for Gold. However, one of his Aussie pals, Kyle Sandilands, is saying in a new interview (see the video at the bottom of the page) that he’s been using it as an on-set trailer for all his projects and that he may have moved in it for good.

“It looks like a small Gold Coast flat. It’s really high end. It’s very good,” Sandilands said on the Kyle and Jackie O Show. “I think it was what he was staying in [while] in Adelaide in the desert and has brought it back. I think it’s there for him to use when he’s on location… He might be [living out of it]. He might’ve towed it somewhere.’

Sandilands also says that Efron got the trailer as a “gift,” which wouldn’t be too surprising considering his A-list status. It would still be a pretty expensive gift, at around $140,000.

Efron’s photos show the Hollywood model of the Lotus trailer, which is described as the “most luxurious van” from the Lotus lineup, “fitted with every conceivable smart feature, […] with extra room for entertaining and the most comfortable sleep on the road.”

Hollywood is a beast, like all the other Lotus models, but it’s a very fancy one: it comes with no less than three TVs, smart appliances and monitoring, a king-size bed, real Italian leather interior, bathroom and a complete kitchen. It’s also perfectly able to go off-the-grid thanks to the 510 Watts of solar power, battery and inverter, and is built to go as far off the beaten track as you want.

In other words, considering Efron’s adventurous streak (which almost got him killed in late 2019, when he contracted a serious bacterial infection in Papua New Guinea), it’s the perfect companion for him. Regardless of whether he’s using it as temporary lodging or his permanent home base.